Terror In The Attic : He Walks! He Stalks! Try and stop him and you're the dummy!

Terror In The Attic : He Walks! He Stalks! Try and stop him and you're the dummy!


Scott Gibson
Paperback | 216 pages
203 x 254 x 12mm | 435g
Publication date
02 Jun 2019
Independently Published


WHAT COULD BE LURKING IN THE DARK Two inexplicable and gruesome murder sprees, separated by many years, strike in the same small town. These tragic events are centered, mysteriously, around the same house which serves as the setting for this hair-raising tale of terror. The Carson family, unaware (and uninformed) of this "history," move to the village of Lakeside and take residence in this cursed abode. Before long, these horrifying events threaten to erupt again and the fate of the Carsons (and others) now appears to rest in the small but capable hands of 10-year-old Travis Carson. Despite their careful investigation, the police have no plausible suspects or theories. Travis then uncovers a trail of "clues" which are simply too remarkable for any adult to believe-and they don't. Nevertheless, and despite his paralyzing fear and terror, Travis determines to solve this mystery and break the "curse" which has taken the lives of so many innocent people. Finally, Travis' anger allows him to overcome his fear and makes him determined to save his family from this terrible fate. For the first time in his short life, he becomes the aggressor and learns the true meaning of the word brave.

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