Is hiring the wrong people affecting your sales performance?

In a recent independent survey, I asked sales leaders and managers about their biggest hiring headaches. It seems they were all suffering from the same issues!

Are you unkowingly making the same mistakes?

My survey revealed that all the UK-based sales companies surveyed are routinely repeating the same mistakes, sometimes knowingly. In this free report you can learn which recruitment and hiring headaches are causing their sales teams to under-achieve, and the key challenges these employers face when recruiting to bring new people into their sales teams successfully.

Download the report now to find your reference point against which to measure your own recruitment practices. It will help you to avoid the common pitfalls and start hiring and retaining sales superstars right away!


  • The reasons why 3 in 5 job offers in sales fail within the first 2 years
  • The potential traps to avoid when recruiting sales people
  • How to spot sales superstars and be in a position to win their services for your team
  • Advice and tips on how to avoid making the most common mistakes yourself
  • How to turn recruitment into a strategic activity for hiring superior sales people, every time
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9Sales recruitment expert Cathy Richardson shares her knowledge, based on 27+ years experience of working with sales teams of all sizes in the UK and Europe.

During this time, Cathy has consistently added real value to sales teams by ensuring that the right sales people are recruited - Those sales superstars who don't only add value immediately to the bottom line, but who stay, often to get promoted and then to develop successful sales teams around them.

This often means engaging with less than fruitful hiring practices, and turning them from failure into success. This report draws out the most common mistakes made, and provides strategies to avoid those common and most often, overlooked errors to turn mediocre hiring processes into magnets for sales superstars!