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Recruitment is a process that revolves around a number of different selection rounds, in ever-decreasing circles, until the best possible candidate is chosen out of the candidate pool.

The first round is normally based on selecting the best CVs out of all the CVs sent in by job applicants.

The chances are that you may have a large number of CVs to choose from. With online recruitment advertising, high volumes of advertising response is quite common and it can feel like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. In this online age, applying for a job is often as simple as a mouse click. The result is hundreds – sometimes thousands – of job applications. This reality makes it more and more difficult to screen every candidate who applies for a job opening.

However, remember that you are not making the final selection decision now.The first round is about turning down the clearly unsuitable applications so that the others can be considered in more detail.

To manage the first level of candidate review ( CVs,cover letters and applications), the best companies establish a systematic process.

Without an organised process, the daunting task of sifting a high volume of advertising response becomes an impossible proposition.

The key to managing the effective identification of applicants for potential hiring, is a very clear list of the essential elements as defined in the person specification. This is the Reject and Move On criteria.

With these clearly defined parameters at hand, use a highlighter to find the criteria in the candidate’s CV. If you see no evidence of your essential requirements, do not entertain the application as there is not much point.

Separate the CVs into 2 piles (Or 2 lists, if you are using online or email): Successful and unsuccessful.

The unsuccessful pile should receive a notification that their application has not been successful this time around.

The successful pile can be progressed on to whatever the next stage is in your recruitment process: Possibly a telephone screening, or a request to provide further information on the desirable elements of your person specification.

A successful Round 1 will set you up well for making a successful hiring decision.


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